Typical houses in the Ribeira district, PORTO

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Judy & Art Levit (21 Sep - 30 Sep)
(...) our amazing trip. It was wonderful to have all the information you gave us as well as a route to follow. We were very glad to have the GPS system and Art says he'd recommend it to anyone unfamiliar with the cities in Portugal. (...)

Anthony da Silva (6 Jun - 19 Jun)
(...) All of the staff at Portugaltrails were very helpful and accommodating (...) RoadBook and Travel Guide: Excellent resources! The Roadbook was customized to our itinerary (...) Great directions and pictures were very helpful.(...)

Marianne Malague (14 Oct - 21 Oct)
(...) You and your agency did a wonderful job planning our trip. Your prompt attention and feedback regard to all our correspondance was exceptional. The Roadbook was of particular help. Whenever we were at a loss, there was always a suggestion that helped fill the gap or answer a question. (...)

Deb & Jeff Merle (15 Oct - 13 Oct)
(...) We can't thank you enough for putting together the trip of a life timeand really (...) we felt like we were really cared for by you and Portugal Trails (...) It gave us the feeling that although we were "independent" travelers, we weren't alone.(...)

Peg & John Mongiello (7 Nov - 14 Nov)
(...) All of the arrangements were flawless. (...) We loved the itinerary and the accommodations.(...) The arrangements spot on, suggestions very interesting and we loved our GPS. Your materials were so helpfull for ideas of places to see and things to do(...)

Mr & Mrs Wiebe (6 May - 2 Jun)
(...) We have wonderful memories of our visit to Portugal. What a delightful country you have and your help in planning the trip was invaluable.(...) The driving went well.  You have good roads and the sign posting is excellent. The preprogrammed GPS was very very helpful (...) 

Self-guided Independent Tours, fully customizable

     Hotel  +  Rental Car  +  Road book  +  Help Line  +  Guide book  +  Pre-programmed GPS

We are an Incoming Tour Operator specialized in organizing Self-guided Independent Tours
in Portugal. Our goal is to provide excellent service to all those who wish to discover our country in an independent, safe and enjoyable way.

- Fully Customizable Tours - just let us know your preferences and we'll create a personalized tour for you.

- Pre-programmed GPS - we will provide you with a GPS which will be pre-programmed according to your itinerary on a day-by-day basis

- Guide Book and Road Book - make the most of your travel with our exclusive guide book and with the help of a personalized road book.

- Phone Support - need any help during your tour? We are here for you.

- Freedom to explore your interests at your pace - unlike most guided tours, you can go everywhere you want and spend the time you wish.



Portugal Top to Bottom (15D/14N)
Taking this tour will enable you to know Portugal top to bottom. We have hand-picked the best places you should visit in Portugal combining rural and coastal areas together with the most important cities.

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A town in the Alto Douro Wine Region whose houses resemble an elegant amphitheatre descending down the mountainside to the banks of the Douro. Situated at the point where the River Douro and River Pinhão meet, it is a beautiful place for relaxing, going for walks and discovering the secrets of Port wine in the countless winerie

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