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Eduardo Cláudio

Eduardo’s interests are manifold. Professionally, he has been a Business Manager of Telecom and Internet Services. His expertise and know-how in these fields has been widely recognized. As for his personal interests, Eduardo is passionate about life and Portugal, which he considers the most beautiful country in the world. By bringing together these two fields of action, he has embarked on this new project, Portugal Trails. Eduardo firmly believes that Portugal Trails’ innovative approach to tourism will definitely change the way people get to know our country, since our enterprise aims at providing exciting and memorable experiences to all those who wish to travel with us.

Gabriela Gomes

Gabriela has always been keen on travelling and particularly fond of getting to know different people and different ways of being. She has always felt that Portugal has secret treasures that need discovering. After a couple of years teaching English, Gabriela has embarked on a completely new project. She believes that Portugal Trails will provide first-class service to all those who wish to discover this beautiful country. Also, she is determined that Portugal Trails will make a difference in the Tourism sector in Portugal, with creative and original proposals. Gabriela was born in Lisbon and has studied Languages and Literatures, namely English and German. After having taught English for 17 years she has also become interested in American Studies and wrote a dissertation on American Civil War Photography.


This is our team , we are looking forward to learning about your ideas and wishes for your trip, and to work with you in planning your perfect vacation in Portugal.

While you are here, we will be available to assist you with any issue, question, or need.

Vanessa Pinto

A Portuguese in love with Portugal, that’s how Vanessa defines herself. She has always studied Tourism and specialized as a tour guide with the purpose of finding out more about her country. For three years Vanessa has trodden the paths of this beautiful country, discovering the sights and hidden secrets which make Portugal such a wonderful place to visit. Now she has come back to tell you all about it and to help you out in planning your trip to Portugal. She has also travelled to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador da Bahia and Natal, in Brazil, as well as Maputo, in Mozambique, with the purpose of getting to know Portugal’s ex-colonies. At present she is living in a seaside town near Lisbon and is working as a Travel Consultant for Portugal Trails, where she will be delighted to assist you during your trip.

Diana Ramos

Diana discovered her passion for travelling when she was a young child and it has not stopped growing.  Her curiosity has led her to visit a lot of places in Portugal, but she desires to visit and learn much more about her homeland. She loves Portugal and Portuguese food, and is really proud of the fact that her homeland has so much variety to offer. Every year she takes half of her vacation to discover more about Portugal, and the other half to explore other parts of the world. Diana graduated in Tourism Management in Portugal and also earned a certificate in Guest Service and International Tourism from the University of Central Florida, in the USA.   Her enthusiasm for the Tourism Industry was reinforced by travelling in other countries, learning about different cultures, and even more by living and working in the USA where she shared her experiences with people of many countries and with different perspectives. Working as a Travel Consultant gives her the opportunity to put together all of her passions, and she truly loves it!

Filipa Rodrigues

Filipa always wanted to work in Tourism. Her passion for other languages and enthusiasm for exploring her own country and others is what drives her!  She studied foreign languages, and specialized in Tourist Information. It is her goal to discover more of Portugal and to use her knowledge to put together wonderful experiences for her clients. Filipa has travelled through Europe and Africa, and looks forward to other adventures to discover other continents.  She lives in a seaside town near Lisbon, and couldn't feel happier about being a Travel Consultant at Portugaltrails!

João Lourenço

João always wanted to show Portugal to the world and now he has that chance with Portugaltrails.
Our hospitality, the weather, our material and immaterial heritage are the perfect assets to keep the brand Portugal growing and João feels that is part of it.
Born and raised in Cascais, João graduated in Hotel and Tourism Management by the ESTTM in Peniche and soon realized that he was in the right sector.
The concept of fully independent trips and all the logistics which involves the excellence service of Portugaltrails makes him aware that this is the path to follow in order to obtain a quality and safe touristic experience.
To work in Portugaltrails and have the chance to contact with people from all over the world is without a doubt, a dream come true for him.

Tiago Fernandes

For Tiago, a Cascais native, Portugal is the Paradise. He loves the weather, the fantastic and diverse food as well as the friendly and welcoming people. Portugal’s history and its rich heritage left by its ancestors, makes him very much proud of is country. Determined to promoting is country and providing a good and traditional experience to whoever visits Portugal, he decided to study Hotel Management in the Superior School of Tourism and Hospitality of Estoril (ESHTE), that allowed him to work as a Travel Consultant for Portugal Trails. Today, he feels fulfilled for having the opportunity to share is beautiful country with all its visitors. 

Sofia Dias

Sofia began traveling at a very young age and always loved to discover new worlds, cultures and lifestyles. She graduated in Tourism Management in Portugal and furthered her studies at University College Birmingham in the UK. While spending so long away from her homeland she realized how much she missed the little wonder that is Portugal! There are so many secrets to unveil: the breeze of our beaches, the sounds of our cities, the traditions and unique cultural heritage, the melody of our language, the flavors of our cuisine, the warmth and friendliness of our people... Back in Portugal, Sofia carries on her quest for the hidden treasures of this amazing country and will be happy to share them with all travelers who wish to venture with Portugal Trails!