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How can I book a tour with Portugal Trails?

1. You can either call us, send us your inquiry online, or via email.  To contact Portugal Trails, click on the “Contact us” or “Check Availability” boxes that you can find through our website, or send an email to us at [email protected].  Please include any questions that you may have regarding a tour that you have seen on our site, or in general, or let us know your preferences and requests for a tour proposal.

2. One of Portugal Trails Travel consultants will reply to you, and then send a proposal with additional information or with a suggested itinerary which will include our suggested hotels, additional services and pricing.
If you have made an inquiry and have not heard from us in 48 hours, please do contact us again as sometimes our emails do not get through to our clients due to their spam filters. 

3.  Once you are ready to confirm your trip, tell your travel consultant that you wish to book the proposed tour.

4.  Portugal Trails requires a deposit of 25% of the total amount of your tour.  Upon receipt of the deposit, Portugal Trails will then book all services with the suppliers.

5.  The balance is due 4 weeks prior to your arrival date and at this point we will forward copies of your travel documents by email.  You will receive a hard copy of all of your documents on your arrival in Portugal. 
At any time during the process you can call us to ask questions, or for more information.  While we are located in Portugal, we have set up a Skype account with international numbers so that you can call us without calling internationally. 

Portugal: (+351) 214 851 476 (9 a.m to 6 p.m Lisbon Local Time)
U.S.A.: (415) 513-0294 (4 a.m to 1 p.m New York Local Time)
Australia: (02) 8011 3078 (8 p.m. to 4 a.m. Sydney Local Time)
U.K: 020 3286 4663 (9 a.m to 6 p.m London Local Time) 
Skype: Portugaltrails

How can I know the price of each tour?

Pricing for the tours on our website is available by clicking on the “prices” link inside each tour.  You can also select the option “calculate price”.  If you wish to have a tailor-made tour please send an inquiry, and we will put together a custom itinerary and provide pricing for this tour.

Are there additional charges to use your service?

No.  There is no additional cost for our services.  The total price in our proposal will include our services.  
When booking with Portugal Trails am I paying more that I would pay if I booked directly with the hotels and rental car company?
Our prices are lower than our direct competitors’ and are very competitive when compared to the ones found on hotel and booking sites.  We are committed to and provide real value for money.

Do you offer senior discounts?

Yes, if you are 55 or older, please let us know, and we will apply any available discounts to your tour price!   Discounts are available based on our suppliers’ offers.

What is included in my tour?

Basic inclusions are:
• Accommodations with breakfast each day;
• Our 200 page exclusive Portugal Travel Guide – our insider’s guide (see a sample).
• A customized Roadbook (itinerary, road directions, daily suggestions and tips of where to go and what to see, specialties of the area and recommendations of where to eat, ideas for excursions, the best museums and monuments to visit etc.)
• A Rental Car, Driver-Guide or Car Service, depending upon which option you have chosen.
• A helpline (phone number) that one of our team will answer should you have questions or need any assistance while in Portugal.
Our travel consultants may suggest additional activities to make your trip even more memorable! 

What is not included in my tour?

While we would be happy to include additional items, those that are not included in the basic tours are:  meals (except for breakfasts, which are included with the hotels), activities and tours that are not included in the initial proposal, entrance fees to museums and monuments, travel insurance and flights. 

Can I make any changes to Portugal Trails predefined tours?

Yes, our website tours are merely suggestions. They can always be changed according to your preferences, interests or travel needs.

Can I ask for a fully personalized tour?

Yes, our travel consultants will be delighted to design a tailor-made tour in order to meet your expectations, interests, or specific needs.

Can I make a special request or ask for special assistance?

Special requests should be discussed with your travel consultants beforehand. If you have a disability or suffer mobility difficulties, please let us know so that we can channel our efforts into finding suitable accommodations and adjust the itinerary.  However, please be aware that Portugal has few infrastructures for the disabled, although this situation is gradually changing. 


Can 3 adults share the same room?

Yes. Most hotels allow an extra bed to be added to the room at an additional charge.  Portugal Trails will select these hotels for you.  Please know that in most cases, this bed is smaller, and less comfortable than a regular bed.


Is it better to book early or late to secure a good deal?

There is no right or wrong time to book, although if you are travelling at peak times, we suggest that you book as early as possible so as to ensure availability. Additionally, we work with some hotels that offer early booking discounts which we would be happy to pass on to you.


How can I pay for my trip?

You can pay by bank / wire transfer or by PayPal.  
We do not accept credit cards directly so as to keep it more secure for all involved.  Credit cards can be used via PayPal, with a PayPal account, which is easy to set up.  Alternatively, we suggest a bank / wire transfer.  Pending your choice, we will either forward a secure link from PayPal requesting the deposit, or our bank information.

How will I know when my tour is booked? 

You will receive a confirmation email from Portugal Trails as well as your receipt of deposit.

How can I cancel my tour?

To cancel your tour you just have to send an email to your travel consultant requesting the cancellation.

What happens if I cancel my tour?

If you cancel 5 working days or more prior to your arrival, your cancellation will be free of charge.

If you cancel within 5 working days or your arrival, you will receive a full refund with the exception of the first two days of hotels and services. In case of Force Majeure, we will gladly work with you to either reschedule the tour, or try to obtain a full refund.

If you do not show at hotels the full amount will be charged.

When and how will I receive my travel documentation?

Once we have received your final payment, we will send you a final receipt along with your vouchers and travel documents via email.  You will receive a hard copy of all of your documents and roadbook, as well as our guide book and maps on your arrival in Portugal.

On which side of the road do you drive on in Portugal? Is it safe to drive in Portugal?

In Portugal we drive on the right hand side of the road, as in the rest of continental Europe.  (The driver is sitting on the left in the car). It is safe to drive in Portugal. The Portuguese tend to drive faster than in some other countries. The road system has been improved greatly in recent years and there are plenty of new roads, especially motorways that are extremely safe.

What time can I check in to my hotel?

Check in time is normally 4:00 pm and check out at noon although most hotels can provide luggage storage and changing facilities if you arrive earlier or stay later. 

What if I have a problem while in Portugal?

As part of our service, you will be provided with our helpline number which you are welcome to call should you need assistance, additional information, or just wish to connect while you are in the country. 
If you have a problem, please address it immediately with the supplier (hotel, car hire, driver etc.).  Many matters can most easily be resolved for you on the spot, when the supplier can see and understand the exact nature of any problem you may have.  If a matter cannot be resolved or you feel you need assistance, please call us on the helpline to try to address it right away.  In the unlikely event that matters cannot be resolved immediately, we will continue to work on it for you to try to come to a resolution.