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Portugal Top to Bottom (15D/14N)
Taking this tour will enable you to know Portugal top to bottom. We have hand-picked the best places you should visit in Portugal combining rural and coastal areas together with the most important cities.
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Portugal Historic Tour (8D/7N)
Portugal Trails team has designed a 8 day itinerary with the most interesting and beautiful places to visit. Always having in mind that you want to know our hidden villages and amazing castles, churches, palaces... Discover Portugal's history!
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The most exciting Portugal Tour! Prepare to explore a country with a rich heritage whose varying landscapes dazzle travellers from all over the world.Discover one of the oldest Nations of Europe.Spend 10 unforgettable days in a country where the land touches the Sea. Come and feel the art of welcoming of the Portuguese people.
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Pousadas Portugal Tour (11D/10N)
Prepare not only to explore the country's rich heritage but also to stay overnight at former Palaces and Convents. In Portugal you will take part in the History of the country while staying at the magnificent Pousadas that are equivalent to 4 or 5 star charming hotels.Spend 11 unforgettable days in a country where the land touch
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SENIOR DISCOUNT: 10% OFF on accommodation
Ask for your discount if you are 55 or older!
Be prepared to experience the best Portugal has to offer! We have chosen the most charming hotels of Portugal so that you can experience the sophistication and glamour of excellence! Get ready to enter a world of unique sensations which will remain in your hearts for years to come!
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Portugal Along The Coast (15D/14N)
Portugal is known for its great extention of coast line. Taking this tour will allow you to travel along the coastal area of the country top to bottom. Enjoy the landscape, the wild beaches and visit the some of the most interesting cities.
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Complete Rest and Relaxation at Pousadas (10D/9N)
A tour designed to thinking on all of those who enjoy the beauty of life! Discover the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal with all the comfort that the Inns offer. You will be in places where time seems to rest. This program takes you from the lush green Minho to the golden plains of Alentejo.
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SENIOR DISCOUNT 10% OFF on accommodation
Ask for your discount if you are 55 or older!
Essence of Portugal (20D/19N)
A tour designed for those who wish to deeply explore Portugal. If you go on this tour you will capture the very essence of our country.Dive into the Atlantic Ocean, explore our majestic mountains, get the blues while listening to Fado and indulge yourself in a glass of Port wine.Welcome to fascinating Portugal!
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Discover the highlights of Portugal in a week! This tour will enable you to discover the most important sights, monuments and cities of our country.In just 8 days you will be able to take in the true atmosphere of Portugal.
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Catholic Tour (11D/10N)
Portugal Trails offers you the opportunity to explore the centres of faith in our country as well as the historic and natural treasures of our culture. It includes Lisboa, Fátima and Santiago de Compostela.
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