Tiled Façade of Carmo Church, PORTO

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A church with early medieval origins. The façade is in typical and flamboyant Late Gothic style and the main doorway is decorated with motifs of vines, birds, children and mythical animals. The interior is very austere and has three naves and decorative groin vaults. The chancel has an 18th. century gilt marble altarpiece and there are also two organs. Other impressive features include the side altarpieces and the Capela do Sacramento (Chapel of the Sacrament) with its engraved silver antependium. There is also a sacristy and cloister that has six arches on each side, with carved capitals on the north wing, Renaissance motifs on the other wings and is covered with 18th. century decorative Lisbon tiles.

A church on top of a hill is always a noble sight and in this case the hillside accentuates and enhances this sumptuous stairway consisting of no less than 686 steps cut into its slope, resembling a granite waterfall. Fortunately, the climb is relieved by landings sometimes displaying fountains, chapels, doorways and statues in a feast of designs and decorative work. On either side, the branches of large deciduous trees sway in the breeze.

At the top stands the sanctuary itself, a rocaille church, embellished with two pointed bell towers. This white church is typically Portuguese, in the Baroque style of the north, built from blocks of granite with five panels of windows and the figures of four angels bearing inscriptions. The interior has an arched ceiling and a triumphal arch with two pilasters crowned by an entablature in relief. The chancel is covered by a cupola with twelve sections.
The tomb of the architect who designed this marvel lies at the entrance to the nave.

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