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What to See
Dating from the 12th. century, it has the solid appearance of all churches of this period,  with its two large bell towers that look like castle turrets, and rose window. Below the window is a doorway that was added later in the 17th. century. The balustrades and cupolas are also Baroque, and a galilee was added by the architect Nasoni, whose work had a great influence on the Invincible City.
The interior has a ground plan in the shape of a Latin cross and three naves, covered by pointed vaults. The vault over the central nave is supported by a flying buttress.
The cathedral has three fine organs and various chapels containing interesting artefacts and religious images. The cloisters are Gothic, with ogival arches, each one containing three inner arches (the cloisters were restored during the Estado Novo period and therefore the effect is slightly over-concreted).
This one hundred year old iron structure, with an enormous arch in the middle, links the rocky banks on either side of the river. The footbridge above it is very pleasant and peaceful, offering views of riverside activities and the River Douro flowing past. Its simple, elegant design is unrivalled. Nowadays the Metro line that winds through the city also runs across it.
Gothic medieval church with some Romanesque touches. The façade has been modified to display a doorway in the so-called Jesuit style, with two solomonic columns supporting a broken pediment with a niche containing a sculpture, crowned by a medieval rose window.  
The interior is Gothic but hardly a single stone is visible as it is so densely covered with carving that it resembles a golden cave with Baroque and rococo stalactites - not the only church in Porto with an interior so lavishly decorated in gold.
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