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On the right hand side of the  Tagus (the longest river in  the Iberian Peninsula), Lisbon is a major European city, with a metropolitan area containing  up to 2.5 million people (which means that 1 in 4 Portuguese people live in the Lisbon area). Lisbon has justly won three of the 2009 World travel Awards for Europe: Europe's Leading City Break Destination,Europe's Leading Cruise Destination and Europe's Leading Destination.These are just some of the reasons why you simply cannot miss one of the most charming cities in the world: LISBON!

It seems that the city’s name stems from a Phoenician expression, “Alis-Ubbo”, which means “serene harbour”. In fact, Lisbon was built around the immense Tagus’ mouth. Although the river’s mouth is quite large towards the west, it has a large gulf that gives it a somewhat oceanic quality. It was always a good port and it still is one of the most important ones in Europe today, but it is also good for a great variety of nautical sports. Lisbon is connected to the south by two very characteristic bridges, engineering masterpieces which give the capital a particular charm.

Lisbon has a dozen different faces, of different urban landscapes, each and every one with its own urban rhythms and lifestyles. With an undulating topography, many of its monuments are seen from afar on top of their hills. It has seven hills, all of them densely urbanised. Some say that Lisbon is, architecturally speaking, a white city, which gives it its markedly Mediterranean character. 
Lisbon has a very good transport network, especially its underground lines, abundantly decorated with artworks: each station has its own colour scheme and theme. Lisbon is also dotted with the picturesque yellow electric trams, whose trajectories are of great tourist interest.

This is a very sophisticated, complex and cosmopolitan city. It has always been like this, with people from all around the world walking its streets. It has an unrelenting appetite for culture, hosting a multitude of events, and dozens of attractions, theatres, night-life spots, football stadiums, churches and museums. You have no time to get bored in Lisbon.
Moreover, there is a typical cultural expression that was born in Lisbon: the Fado, a nostalgic, mysterious type of song that enthrals and awes all those who hear it. 

Lisbon is made up of many different boroughs. In  Lisbon - Alfama, Baixa and Bairro Alto you can find the hustle and bustle of an historic city. Lisbon - Belém, by the riverside, pays homage to the Portuguese Discoveries, with its great and renowned monuments. If you fancy modern acrchitecture, you shouldn't miss Lisbon - Eastern Lisbon where the Parque das Nações boasts a variety of facilities as well as cultural and leisure areas. Lisbon - Estrela, Lapa and Doca de Alcântara is a charming, quiet area of the city. By Lisbon- Greater Lisbon it is meant the wider area of the Portuguese capital.

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