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Situated at a height of 458m, this village is quite different from the Algarve of the soft sandy beaches and calm seas. It shares its name with the mountains where it lies, the Serra de Monchique, which is situated between two other mountain ranges (the Serra do Espinhaço de Cão and Serra do Caldeirão) and acts as a natural boundary, separating the Alentejo from the Algarve. This green, wooded mountain provides a respite from the hot regions of the coastal Algarve and lower Alentejo and is often compared to Sintra.

The mild temperatures create a lush and varied vegetation, including a rare breed of oak, the “carvalho-de-monchique”, the exquisite oleander, and other species of tree seldom found in the south, such as the chestnut, Portuguese oak and pedunculate oak. It is worth climbing up the hills to Picota (774 m) or to the Algarve’s highest point, Fóia (at 902 m), where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Atlantic coast.
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