Tiled Façade of Carmo Church, PORTO

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Called Sacrum Promontorium or the Holy Promontory in ancient times, it was dedicated to Saturn. This desolate and windswept cape, projecting into the raging sea, was considered a place that only the gods could frequent and there are megalithic remains in the area. The promontory, with its wild and rare beauty, was the site chosen for a fortress that is now one of Portugal’s most legendary spots. The fortress we can see today, with its strong walls descending abruptly to the cliffs, dates from the 16th century.

Legend has it that Henry the Navigator set up his navigation school here. Henry the Navigator was the leading strategist behind the Portuguese overseas explorations and   for this reason Sagres is twinned with Cape Canaveral in Florida.
The most south-westerly point in Europe, it is a vast space almost entirely surrounded by sea.

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