Alentejo plains, ALENTEJO

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In the Alentejo plains stands a high mass of rocks that are of great geological interest. This is the site of the town of Marvão and its castle, which dominates the landscape from on high. From the castle there is a dazzling view of both Spain and Portugal. It was conquered from the Arabs in 1166 but was only inhabited by Christians from 1226 onwards, then extended by King Dinis, who commissioned the famous keep. Later, in the 17th. and 18th. centuries, the castle was expanded again by means of a system of bulwarks and cannons to confront the Castilians from on high.

In addition to its picturesque, winding rows of houses, where Baroque railings in the Spanish Estremadura style can sometimes be seen, the town also has a convent which was built in around 1448, and two beautiful churches. The town and the castle function as a unit, perched on a steep summit which, in times gone by, served as a means of defence and nowadays is place in which to stand and dream.
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