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Adventure in the Algarve (8D/7N)
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Self-Guided Tour
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Adventure in the Algarve (8D/7N)
Tour Length:
8 days, 7 nights
When To Go:
All Year

Adventure In The Algarve - Day 1

Aljezur - Tour the village or visit the castle

Arrival at the airport. Check in. The Amazigh is located right in the heart of vila velha, in Aljezur.  Depending on your arrival time you can visit the castle of Aljezur, see the view over the village and Natural Park of Costa Vicentina e Sudoeste Alentejano.


Overnight in Amazigh.


Adventure In The Algarve - Day 2

Aljezur - BTT along the coast

Aljezur’s coastline has 40 km of almost virgin beaches. Most of them surrounded by cliffs and green hills,where you can barely notice human presence. We suggest you to do a Bike Tour, explore the Natural Park along the coast, by the forest paths, to see the beaches and countryside that surrounds them.

Overnight in Amazigh.


Adventure In The Algarve - Day 3

Aljezur - Dolphin watching boat tour

Today we suggest you to go to Sagres. Once there, you start a journey through the history of our coast, where you can see birds and marine life, or even diving with dolphins, for the curious.

Overnight in Amazigh.


Adventure In The Algarve - Day 4

Aljezur - Hike tour along the coast

A meeting with the nature. Now we advise you to do a hiking tour, get to know the other part of Aljezur. Follow the 6 km “Praia da Amoreira” trail. Points of interest include the Amoreira rivulet and beach, the dunes and cliffs, the pine-woods, brush woods and irrigation crops. The 1 km "À Descoberta dos Menires" trail provides an opportunity to see the menhirs of Pedra Escorregadiça, Cerro do Camacho and Casa do Francês.

Overnight in Amazigh.

Adventure In The Algarve - Day 5

Aljezur - Free day (enjoy the beach, the swimming pool or drive to Sagres)

Take this day to do what you feel like. You can go to one of the beaches of Aljezur, have lunch in a restaurant in Arrifana and be surprise by a beautiful view of the coast. It’s worth stopping to admire this beach and the rock known as “Pedra da Agulha”, a natural obelisk. Enclosed by high, steep cliffs, the west coast beaches  are stunningly beautiful. Alternatively, drive over to the extreme South Eastern section of the Park.  Make sure you visit the lighthouse in the Cape of São Vicente after whom this stretch of coastline has been named and the nearby Sagres promontory.


Overnight in Amazigh.


Adventure In The Algarve - Day 6

Aljezur - Surf lesson

After enjoying your relaxing free day, its now time to take surf lessons, Amado and Arrifana are the surfers favorite beaches. You'll feel safe with a surf instructor who usually teaches beginners, who will help you with all the equipment. We advise you to know a different perspective of the sea.

Overnight in Amazigh.

Adventure In The Algarve - Day 7

Aljezur - Walk along with the donkeys

The scenery is perfect for taking donkey or horse riding. Go to Vale da Amoreia and try a Donkey riding, enjoy the streets of Aljezur and admire the views that will emerge. A unique and original experience you won’t forget.


Overnight in Amazigh.


Adventure In The Algarve - Day 8


Check out.

This tour includes: 

        • Accommodation

        • All activities (BTT, Boat tour, surf lesson and Donkey ride). 

        • A Rental Car

        • A Pre-programmed GPS

        • Our 200 page exclusive Portugal Travel Guide (see a sample). 

       • A Roadbook (see a sample), with tips and directions that will be very useful while on the road. 

        • A Portugal road map

        • A helpline (phone number) to assist you while on holiday.

Portugal Trails can adapt this tour to your specific needs or design a tailor-made tour exclusively for you. Contact us.

With this self-guided tour you can travel independently: no herding of people on and off buses. At the same time, you will not feel alone since Portugal Trails is only a phone call away.

Our deep knowledge of Portugal allows us to make the best selectionof itineraries and hotels at the best prices.

If you book a tour with us you will receive a Travel Kit, that includes our exclusive 200 page Guide Book (see a sample), maps and a roadbook with tips and suggestions tailored to your interests and a pre-programmed GPS.

While in Portugal we will be here to support you through our helpline

As part of our self-drive tours, we will provide you with a GPS which will be pre-programmed according to your itinerary on a day-by-day basis. You will not have to be a technology expert, nor have to enter by hand any city names, addresses or coordinates, either

All you have to do is to start the engine, turn on the GPS and be prepared to enjoy your day with just a few clicks of the GPS.

Should you prefer not to drive, we will be happy to provide pricing for a guide or a driver. Alternatively, we can design a different tour in which you can travel by train or bus.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us

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