10 stunning locations in Portugal for the romantic in you

Parque Terra Nostra

Come February and all the talking on Valentine’s day begins. A celebration of love that can be with both small tokens of affection or by sharing unique heart-warming experiences. Hopeless romantic or not, there are places that can simply fill your heart with joy. A fairy-tale castle, a secluded beach, a ripe and purple vineyard, a top of the mountain breathtaking view, a still peaceful lagoon, a sunset of unique colors, walking in the footsteps of a glorious historic love. You name it.


Best ways to travel from Lisbon to Porto

Praça do Comércio

Lisbon and Porto are the two main cities in Portugal, both worth staying in for at least two nights, since there is plenty to see and do. From getting involved in the vibrant city life, exploring the different neighborhoods, visiting the historic sites or even tasting the local gastronomy, these are the kings of short-stay visits to the country and also mandatory points of visit when visiting Portugal. So, if possible, why not combine both? These are the best ways to travel from Lisbon to Porto.


10 Best Portugal Wine Tasting and Wine Tour Experiences

Toast with wine

Portugal follows Europe’s best wine tradition and has been growing steadily as a remarkable destination for wine lovers and enthusiasts. A wonderful year-long mild climate provides beautiful sunny days and the best conditions for both wine making and enjoyable travel. The prolonged coastline takes in temperate Atlantic breezes that shape the country’s soil and the small territory allows for visits to different regions and their varied wine tastings in a relatively short period of time. Even before becoming a trendy and prized destination, Portugal has always been a wine country, and a truly beautiful place. This is our 10 best Portugal wine tasting and wine tour experiences, divided by regions.


Best time to visit Portugal


Some would say the best time to visit Portugal is Spring (March-May) or early Fall (September-October), when the winter rainy season is avoided, and temperatures will be milder. Swimming is still possible in the early fall, as waters remain warm. However, because of its mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 kms of splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the best time to visit Portugal is actually all year round.


Portugal Coastal Hidden Gems


Due to its location on the tip of Europe, Portugal has several miles of coastal areas, each different and beautiful in its own way. From the beautiful waves that sculpt the cliffs up north and west to the long sand extensions and calmer waters on the southeast of the country, there is something for everyone.


15 Best Things to do in Porto

Porto city and D. Luis I bridge

Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal, nested in the Douro River bay, in the northern part of the country. The renowned Port wine gave worldwide fame to this beautiful location, placing in on the map a long time ago. However, numerous travel awards given to the city prove there’s much more to do that sipping on the sweet nectar. Whether it’s admiring historical monuments, enjoying local cuisine, sun bathing in pristine beaches or traveling upriver on a boat tour, options abound. Discover Porto, and Portugal, at your own pace and in your own way. This is Portugal Trails’ list of 15 best things to do in Porto.